Color | Meditation

Issey Miyaki creates a  peaceful zen-like approach to domestic objects in his collaboration with Iittala. The colors are so fresh and sophisticated.

Gucci Does It Again!

Pre-Fall awesomeness features cats, granny flowers, rainbows, planets and mushrooms. Delicious! Damn you Gucci! Why you gotta be so good!?

Ceramics by Fanella Elms

Loving the flow and intricacy in Fanella Elms's work. For a thorough look at her creative process, check this out in her own words. From a pattern perspective, I am

Salterns photographed by David Burdeny

Hard to believe these are unaltered photographs but there you have it. According to Colossal, where I found this story, "David Burdeny began the series SALT: Fields, Plottings and Extracts in 2015,

Erdem’s Dark Florals

Erdem's pre-fall collection features lots of those dark romantic florals we love so much. Check out the dutch inspired wallpaper from Ashley Woodson below. And check out Pattern People's dark
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