Exteriors | Color and Architecture

Horst Gläsker's spreading the doctrine of colorful architecture! His simple, bright additions to otherwise grey palettes are a true testament to the power of color and pattern to transform an

Exteriors | Inspired Streets

Using found photos or images he secretly snaps of passerby's, Columbian artist Stinkfish creates vibrant and intricately patterned designs using the streets of Columbia as his canvas. – Julie Rose  

Interiors | Lindsay Cowles

It's hard to resist becoming smitten with Lindsay Cowles' wallpaper collection.  Created from sections of the artist's large-scale paintings, the energetic, pulsating, waves of these designs wash over the viewer and

Exteriors | Temple of Love

Commissioned by the Southbank Centre for its summer Festival of Love, the Temple of Agape boldly professes love in neon flare! The temple, designed by Morag Myerscough and Luke Morgan,

Interiors | Geodesic

There's nothing like tiny gardens, encased in geometric glass patterns, to really spruce a room up! – Julie Rose    
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