AW10 | Simon Ekrelius

photos Jenni Porkka, Philips Pavilion Le Corbusier

Quasars, metal, dark matter and Le Corbusier’s Philips Pavilion are just a few of the inspirational sources for the A/W 10 collection by London based Swedish designer, Simon Ekrelius. Titled, “Stardust,” the collection features late 40s styling with sculpted curves and geometric silhouettes reminiscent of complex crystal shapes. Delicate fabrics of silk marocain and organza are printed with diamond-like forms in black and white creating a dazzling statement. Ekrelius describes the theme behind the collection as, “A woman beneath a firmament who looks at space with the suspension of disbelief of a child and sees the stars as shiny and shimmering mineral-like forms.” We’re sold.