Books | Patternalia by Jude Stewart


I love to READ novels/nonfiction,  and I love to LOOK AT art/design books. But I usually don’t read the art/design books, they’re more about eye candy for me. However, with Patternalia, I’m so glad I read it, because I learned a lot! This was a whole other side of the pattern world that I’d never had time to stop and learn about–history! Have you ever wondered how the dot pattern is related to the polka? This author lays out the whole quirky story. Think that plaid (or tartan) comes from Scotland? Think again! Stories like these will open your eyes and bring richness to the many patterns in our visual landscape. As a pattern designer, I might notice more patterns than most people, but after reading this book, there is a fuller richness to my visual experience. Understanding the story behind things always makes life more interesting and Jude Stewart did a great job making this a fun topic.

-Claudia Brown


Pg117_Camouflage Pg77_LastKingofScotland Pg22_DickinsonDots Pg14_ZigZags