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Things Organized Neatly is a book of photos of random things placed into order, and though I’m far from being a neat freak, something about these photos is highly satisfying to me. Perhaps it is the same part of my brain that loves creating and seeing patterns. Anyway, enjoy this tumblr and maybe buy the book? I think I will!

-Claudia Brown


submission: Adam Hillman, Post-It Aesthetics, 2016tumblr_o48w6mjdQj1rte5gyo2_1280 tumblr_o0eeggs6aj1qbycdbo1_1280

tumblr_nxg23uIB3o1qbycdbo1_1280submission: Adam Hillman, Paper Cut, 2015 tumblr_nxk510MTrQ1qbycdbo1_1280submission: Adam Hillman, On Point, 2015