• Designer Tools | Floral Marks


    Hand painted brush marks, drawn florals, and abstract elements come together offering an array of combinations in our Floral Marks Kit. With over 150 custom elements to choose from, along with 6 pre-made seamless repeat patterns, you’ll be able to create bespoke invitations, product labels, fabric, wrapping paper, posters, and more with ease. Editable files allow for recoloring so you can design and play to your heart’s content.

    From fun invitations for your next dinner party to freshening up your social media background, this kit is also ideal for branding projects, packaging, and even your next sewing project. Show us what you can do by tagging your projects with #patternpeopleplay.

  • Designer Tools | Tropical Photo Pack


    Channel Hawaii, Fiji, Ecuador or Brazil with our newest photo themed resource pack—Tropical. Lush banana leaves, hot house florals, and split leaf monsteras will get you in a jungle vibe. Created with the textile designer in mind, the Tropical Photo Pack features 80 high resolution images each clipped with its background removed so you can focus all your energy on what you do best—designing amazing prints!

    These images are copyright free and yours to use as you wish once purchased. Create textile designs, artwork, and more, or simply use the photos as inspiration for your many projects.

  • E-Book | Pattern Mix


    The newest edition to our e-book collection, Pattern Mix: A Collection of Inspiring Prints by Designers from Around the World, features the best emerging designers in surface design now. Showcasing the work of over 100 artists, this compendium of patterns captures a range of styles including whimsical conversationals, bold geometrics, and sophisticated florals.

    Whether you’re searching for a print designer to help you launch a collection, looking for new techniques, or just in need of some visual candy, Pattern Mix will inspire print lovers of all ages.

  • Vintage Resource | Tribal & Animal Prints


    Animal Prints and Tribals are classic print themes that can always elevate your collection. These vintage collections are a perfect starting point to that perfect print that is both familiar to the consumer and yet exciting with your added touches.

    • Curated vintage textile prints for your design inspiration
    • Featuring 50 high resolution images per collection (that’s 100 total)
    • Visual guides included for quick reference
  • Vintage Resource | Abstract & Geometric Prints


    Vintage textiles continue to be an invaluable design resource for surface designers across the globe. These two collections represent some of the most inspiring abstract and geometric prints we’ve found on our vintage buying trips across the US and beyond. With an infinite number of ways these can be re-imagined and updated for the contemporary market, you’ll find these collections an inspiration for years to come.

    • Curated vintage textile prints for your design inspiration
    • Featuring 50 high resolution images per collection (that’s 100 total)
    • A visual guide included for quick reference
  • Vintage Resource | Floral & Tropical Prints


    Tropicals and florals never go out of style. While some of these vintage prints are timeless and classic, others take on bold and unique directions. Whichever way you’re skewing, you’ll find an array of visual styles and techniques to inspire your next collection.

    Curated vintage textile prints for your design inspiration

    Featuring 50 high resolution images per collection – 100 total

    Visual guides included for quick file reference

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