Profile | MOTE

Korean label, Memories of the Earth, blends sensory experiences derived from nature and presented as soaps and candles. With a keen eye on packaging, the products capture ethereal elements like winter mist, sunset skies, and sandy canyons both visually and via olfactory. Creating only 50 soaps a day, MOTE strives to produce as little waste as possible using only 100% natural ingredients.

Vora Jean, the designer behind the label, comments, “MOTE strives to capture the essence of beautiful but fleeting messages that the earth sends to us. Glancing up at the sky and watching it soak in shades of pink. Standing at the edge of the sea and feeling consoled by the tides. The crisp, fragrant breeze of a late autumn night brushing past your face. The feeling of fresh earth beneath your feet. The occasional crashing of waves and the scent of a dense forest. These occurrences in nature heal our body and soul. I believe that these moments of earth treat people who are now living too busy lives.”

The delicate patterns combined with the high production standards makes us want to add this beautiful label to our bathroom shelf. Which scent would you try first?

– Jessie Whipple Vickery