Resort 12 | Placed flowers

resort 12 placed flowers

Thakoon Addition, Stella McCartney, Givenchy x 2, background: Pattern People

Oversized placed flowers are making a big presence on the resort runways.  Some of Givenchy’s florals were  laid out symmetrically, and were a nice follow-up to the panther graphics from Fall 11. There was a real kaleidoscopic feel to the whole collection, in the geometrics too.  At Stella McCartney, the psychedelic florals continue, perhaps inspired by her dad’s acid trips in the 60’s?  At Thakoon Addition, a happy hand-drawn flower creates a fresh bold look, perhaps even stepping into Keith Haring territory.  Givenchy opted for a more photographic treatment with an incadescent iris placed dramatically on black.  This trend has been going for a while now. Check out the photo below from Jil Sander’s Spring 11 collection.  Might be fun to bust out the fabric markers and draw a big happy flower  on an old white tee that you can tuck in.  Have you got some inspiring flower pics to share?  Comment with a link!