Romi Cali | Pool Party

romi cali | pool party

Icing may have been the theme of romi cali’s first winter collection, but things are heating up for the new season. For the second collection titled, Pool Party, hand drawn prints feature prominently on sarongs in colors ranging from aquatic blue to sunshine. These 100% cotton voile textiles are available as numbered, limited edition pieces. We caught up with the talented ladies behind the scenes who kindly answered a few questions for us.

Who is romi cali ?

romi cali is a graphic design studio based in Lyon, France. It was initially founded by Rosalie Wagner (graphic and type designer) & Camille Boileau ( graphic designer specializing in image editing) and recently joined by Margaux Nicaise (textile designer). romi cali publishes books and creates fashion accessories signed MC (a close collaboration between Margaux Nicaise & Camille Boileau). Pool Party is the second collection signed MC (SS15).

romi cali | pool party

How did you start in textile design?

MC – We met at the beginning of our studies in graphic design. Margaux decided to continue in textile design, and Camille in graphic design. During our studies, we shared our inspirations and creative ideas. A short time after our graduation, we decided to launch our first collection signed MC: a limited edition collection of silk squares made in France (Icing AW14/15).

What inspired your new collection, Pool Party ?

MC – The artistic look of the collection is taken from a personal graphic interpretation of the swimming pool area. We tried to analyze lines from swimming spaces, like optical distortion of water movement and tiles, or surprising moments by a diver who is creating splatters and splashes.

David Hockney | A Bigger Splash 1967

David Hockney | A Large Diver 1978

Where do you look for inspiration? Do you have favorite artists or sources that you turn to?

MC – Pinterest is an important source to start a collection. We made a secret board for each direction where we collected our inspiration. We could then share it remotely as we worked far from each other. The swimming pools of David Hockney are our first inspirations for this collection; for their atmosphere, composition, and color range.

David Hockney | Pool with Reflection of Trees and Sky 1978

What’s next for romicali?

MC – romi cali is working on a third artist book of its collection « Seasonal Cuisine », and on a graphic collaboration with a Parisian electronic label called, Profil de Face. We also started to work on the next textile collection of MC. Fashion, books and music are romi cali’s favourite fields. It works well for now and we hope it will go on like this!

Thanks so much, romi cali! Browse more of the studio’s work here.

– Jessie Whipple Vickery

romi cali | pool party

romi cali | pool party