Spring 11: Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs

Are we really going to end up regretting that we’ve given our 70’s polyester from the 90’s back where it came from–Goodwill?  Marc Jacobs’s Studio 54 Collection seems to be saying YES (oh no!)  Brown, burgundy, mustard yellow and army green come together in Missoni-like optical prints and stripes. Eyebrows are painted over, frizzy hair made bigger and frizzier, and adorned with big floppy hats, flowers and bows.  For the more mass market-friendly Marc by Marc line, colors are brighter and crisper, the silhouettes more casual and the prints more graphic and bold, giving us a more loosely interpreted Studio 54 aesthetic with the 40’s and the aughties mixed in.  Incidentally, are we now in the 10’s? I haven’t heard anyone use the term yet. Shall we begin?


Marc by Marc Jacobs