Exteriors | Everywhere You Look

It's wonderful to realize how much visual inspiration we're surrounded with on a daily basis! Even more inspiring is how some artists manage to take the everyday and make it

Exteriors | University Inspiration

There is so much visual inspiration to be had in the geometric architecture of the Syddansk Universitet! Created by the architects at Henning Larsen, the university building features a climate-responsive, kinetic

Exteriors | Ecology of Colour

Studio Weave prides itself on maintaining a joyful approach to designing spaces and their project Ecology of Colour is steeped with it! Created in Kent, England the patterned shelter was created

Exteriors | Sequined

Utilizing countless glittery sequins, Danish artist Theresa Himmer’s "Mountain Series" is inspired by the interaction between nature and urban life.  The artist uses a combination of plastic and plywood to create the sequins

Exteriors | Taped Up

Who knew that tape could be so artistic? Artist Gustavo Fuentes turns unassuming blue sticky strips into works of art! – Julie Rose

Exteriors | Tartan

On a farm near Edinburgh, street artists TrenchOne, Elph and Purshone have created a light filled celebration of Scotland. Leyden Farm in West Lothian has been transformed into a plaid wonderland

Exteriors | Forest for the Trees

This August during Portland, Oregon's not-for-profit mural project, Forest for the Trees, ten artists from around the world were brought together to express their creativity and to foster art and community

Exteriors | Color and Architecture

Horst Gläsker's spreading the doctrine of colorful architecture! His simple, bright additions to otherwise grey palettes are a true testament to the power of color and pattern to transform an
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