Textile Designer | Rebekah Bauer

We’ve always loved Rebekah’s gorgeous multi-layered work, and she’s been designing for our print collection for a few years now. We wanted to know more about her, and so we asked her our 7 magic questions. Here’s what she said!

Where do you live?
I just moved to Brooklyn about 8 months ago, but I am originally from Charleston, South Carolina. My heart will always belong to the South.

What is your favorite thing about your city or town?
Living in New York is really like living in the Internet. You have this amazing ability to get anything you want, any time of day. I love the heartbeat of this city and the fact that it is full of people who are all trying to live the dream. It’s an odd thing to have some a feeling of camaraderie in a place so large, but everyone here really is trying to make it. Brooklyn is a nice change of pace from my workdays in the city, it’s nice to come home to a really thriving neighborhood full of like-minded people but not have it be so hectic. I’ve wanted to move to New York since I was a kid, so part of me is a little bit proud that i took the leap to move here. It still holds that sense of wonder for me, even when i am smashed up against complete strangers on the L train.

If you were not a designer, what would you love to be more than anything?
I would love to be a chef. But the kind of chef who gets to cook with a beer in her hand. So basically i would just want someone to pay me to cook in my own kitchen like i do now. Food is it’s own form of art, and i personally think everything tastes better when it’s made from scratch and with a whole lotta’ love. Food brings people together and kind of forces you to stop and take a minute to appreciate your friends and family. Now, this doesn’t really apply to that half a bagel i scrambled down for lunch, but you get the point.
If i couldn’t be a chef then I would want to do something with special needs kids. My youngest sister has special needs and she really makes me the happiest of anyone i know. Plus she is an excellent bowler, which i am not, so i think she could teach me a few things.

Can you describe your style in fashion or home?
I have really had to pair down to the essentials since moving into my current place in Williamsburg. It’s about half the size of my last apartment and nearly twice the price. I am by no means a girly-girl, but for some reason i painted my room the color of a strawberry milkshake and hung all these delicate found items i had spray painted gold all over the walls. Like most people my age, I own a lot of ikea. Its a necessary evil. The best thing you can do with that situation is to try and make those cheap pieces as much your own for very little money, since you and I both know when you move out that stuff is staying on the curb.

My personal style tends to lean more ‘Renegade Cowboy’, which means a lot of black, a lot of jewelry, and quite a few pairs of cowboy boots. Think redheaded Stevie Nicks. I go through phases where i go out and buy a dress, regret it, then return it the next day. I prefer pants, because 70% of the time i mean business. But really, the tomboy in me just wont die.

What has your most exciting project to date?
I was actually recently asked to help design designer condom packaging! The company wanted to make women feel less embarrassed to buy them, so the goal is to make them appear more like an accessory. I think that is a brilliant idea.

Who are your favorite artists/designers?
I have a rotating few of designers that I normally look to for inspiration, but recently Erdem has rushed to the top of my list. It’s really everything I have ever wanted in a fashion label. Their prints are stunning.

As important as i think it is to look at fashion designers, I think it is equally important to stop looking.
I don’t really think anyone ever created something great and truly original by constantly observing someone elses work. You need to take a moment and decide the look you want to create. Personally, I would rather find an element that speaks to me, like a texture or a flower, and then start to build on top of that. The print will take you where you need to go.

What else do you want to tell us?  
I’m working on getting my new website up and running, but I am available for freelance work from time to time. Feel free to contact me at rebekah.anne.bauer@gmail.com!