The Cult of Beauty at the Victoria and Albert Museum

Fredric, Lord Leighton, Pavonia, 1858-59

Design for 'The Sunflower' Wallpaper, Bruce James Talbert, Made by Jeffrey & Co London

We wish we were in London right now to see The Cult of Beauty exhibit at the Victoria and Albert Museum.  The Aesthetic Movement lasted from 1860-1900 and is especially important for surface design, as William Morris and Liberty both contributed heavily to its’ development.  According to the V & A’s show description, “This is the first major exhibition to comprehensively explore Aestheticism, an extraordinary artistic movement which sought to escape the ugliness and materialism of the Victorian era by creating a new kind of art and beauty.”

Luckily, the V & A giftshop offers some lovely treats that can be bought online.  Here are some of our favorites:

1.  Blue Flower Gloves

2.  V & A Arbutus Umbrella inspired by William Morris

3.  Audrey Beardsley A3 notebook

4.  Wooden Print Blocks

5.  William Morris Wallpaper Coasters