Curator’s Picks


Profile | Nick Liefhebber

We're mesmerized by the vibrant, pattern filled illustrations of Dutch designer, Nick Liefhebber. Nick is inspired by patterns and rhythms and "uses the associative powers of shape and material to communicate at an intuitive level." Using collage and paper cut techniques, Nick imagines worlds of movement and detail mixing hand drawn illustrations with digital effects. The layering of patterns takes the

Interiors | Maestro World

Taking on the project "Bloom Maestro" in order to collaborate on a common theme, artists Benoit Challand and Simon Duhamel have fun creating a surreal and gorgeous reality where "instruments become alive to create relationship". A gorgeous example of extreme minimalism, the spaces are thoughtful and inspiring. – Julie Rose Save

Arts & Culture | Monica Rohan

When you look at Monica Rohan’s paintings made of coloured vortices and female bodies with heads hidden in swirling patterns, the first impression is an undefinable attraction to what seems to be a warm and cozy cache. Then you see that bodies, most of them self-portraits, are not just hiding themselves, but they’re falling, floating, suspended in the dimension

Profile | Natalia Smirnova

Bangkok based designer, Natalia Smirnova, creates other worldly patterns using fine-tuned digital techniques. The intricate detail gives her predominantly botanical prints a hyper-real quality that fits well into the up-coming surreal trend for Spring 18. Her lush, sophisticated textile designs have appeared on collections for Clover Canyon among others. We can't wait to see what's next for this designer. Imagine
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