Curator’s Picks


Color | Folk Florals

With the glow of Autumn upon us, we look to warm reds and sky blues that capture nature around us. The last leaves hover in jewel greens before changing into vibrant shades of reds. Pair with creams and pinks – like rosy cheeks freshly bitten with cold.

Profile | Jonathan Niclaus

You might recognize the work of Jonathan Niclaus if you follow the artist inspired blanket company, Slowdown Studio. This Berlin based designer often looks to the past for inspiration, citing the 1970s and 80s as eras of choice. His imaginary scenes in pastel hues capture architecture or the female body in stylized form. Niclaus's recent collaborations include a collection of nude studies reminiscent

Interiors | Velvet Crush

From the runway to the living room, the plush, inviting sheen of velvet is making its way once again into all corners of our lives. With its origins spanning as far back as ancient Egypt, this soft fabric is definitely a timeless favorite. If the uses of velvet in the past are any indication of its trajectory in current

Profile | Georgina Taylor

The botanical illustrations of South African artist, Georgina Taylor, are captivating through their intricate detail and enhancement of life. Surreal touches, like legs sprouting from fish, give the viewer something to smile about while visually wandering. Using Windsor & Newton watercolor paints as her tool of choice, Taylor illustrates the flora and fauna of South Africa, capturing the lush
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