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Profile | Stefania Tejada

Stefania Tejada is a creative with many slashes following her name - illustrator/fashion designer/content producer. Based in Bogotá, Colombia, Tejada's artistic style is driven by her love of fashion and photography. She looks for the uniqueness of everyone and everything around her and translates this into her work. We're especially drawn to her pattern infused illustrations which reinterpret runway looks by placing them

Interiors | Solar Egg

Nestled in the Swedish city of Kiruna, architects Bigert & Bergstrom have created a glowing oasis. Their Solar Egg, a sauna that can sit up to eight, boasts a heart-shaped stove in the center. Acting as a "social sculpture where local people and visitors to the town can meet", the exterior is covered in golden mirror sheeting creating a

Art | Simone Pheulpin

At first glance, the sculptures of French artist, Simone Pheulpin, appear to be carved or cast in plaster. Much like coral in looks, the detailed pieces are actually created entirely out of repetitively folded cotton from Vosges and fastened by pins hidden deep within the work. Pheulpin references many forms of nature in her sculptures, from vegetables to minerals,

Profile | Luke Edward Hall

Touted by Vogue as "the interior design world's 26-year-old wunderkind," Luke Edward Hall lives up to his title by crafting intricate environments which carry the vernacular of early turn of last century charm. His creative output includes whimsical illustrations inspired by the work of Jean Cocteau and David Hockney. Relaxed brushstrokes of male forms appear on various home goods
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