Curator’s Picks


Interiors | Philodendron Xanad

Artist, Ruben Bellinkx has created an intriguing exhibition for plant lovers everywhere. Carefully weaving plant leaves through a hole in the wall, the wall is then boarded back up surrounding the plant. The finished illusion has a plant growing through a wall! What more could a plant enthusiast ask for?

Exterior | Pejac

Re-imagining communal spaces, Barcelona-based artist Pejac, is gaining gaining quite a fan base. His thoughtful and detailed work invites the observer to ask questions, and uses otherwise ordinary spaces to examine current issues. "When talking about Pejac, the key terms are "message" and "adaptation". No matter if he works on paper, canvas or in public, he has tremendous ability

Trend | Surreal Scenics

Swirling marble textures and painterly drips add a surreal touch to the landscapes created by artist, Kate Shaw. Her work epitomizes the other-worldly scenic trend we're seeing develop for A/W 19/20. A Détacher interprets this trend by layering images of paillette sequins with photographs of craggy rocks and deep water for a primordial feel. To create this look, try

Exteriors | Ruben Wu

Loving the work of photographer Ruben Wu. In this project the artist photographs the Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Facility. Located mid-way between Las Vegas and Reno the sight is striking. The artist says of his inspiration, "In my visual work, I am driven not just by the urge to create imagery, but by a desire to explore new places
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