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The Romance of Pattern & Colour

I have a huge appreciation for designers who evoke feelings of romance in their work, notably Chanel and Valentino, and interior brands, such as Sanderson, who have channelled much of their work through a feeling and emotion so many of us can connect with.    Florals, frills, satins, lace, and a little nostalgia can all evoke the feeling of romance. 

Color | Dusty Garden

In every season, the garden has its stars. From the happy, dancing tulips and narcissi in spring to the heady tumbling roses in summer, it's in winter that the supporting evergreen plants get to shine. Red rose hips take center stage against smokey evergreen eucalyptus leaves, and the dark rich almost black greens of the rhododendrons, creating a dramatic

Color | Coral Craze

Do bright colors bring positivity? Let's hope so as Pantone's color choice for 2019 is Living Coral. This pop color, reminiscent of sunshine and the 80s, is sure to bring some good vibes for the year to come. Pair it with pale lavenders, electric yellows, or minty greens for a helio packed palette that simply radiates.

Color | Banana Cream

Move over pumpkin, there's a new pie in town. Look to banana cream shades as soft yellows ease us into the new season.
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