Curator’s Picks


Rainbow Road

Hope you're out following rainbows on this lovely Friday! Rainbow Road, a project by artist Daniel Mercandante, reminds us to do just that. This rainbow magic is made using long exposure photography and colored gels. Check out more of Daniel's solo work, as well as his film projects under the name The Mercandantes, created with his wife Katina.  

Book | How to Make Repeat Patterns

On a long holiday weekend what better way to spend the extra time than to brush up on skills. We poured ourselves a cup of tea and sat down with the new book, How to Make Repeat Patterns, by Paul Jackson which translates pattern making into four simple operations: translation, rotation, reflection, and glide reflection. Using non-mathematical terms, Jackson offers tips on how

Interiors | Living Walls

There's nothing like bringing the outdoors indoors to really liven a space up! Murals Wallpaper has a great collection of living wall prints that can be added to any space. Try adding an accent wall in any room that needs a good dose of cheering up.

Trend | Petal Power

Following in the footsteps of the Matisse cut-out trend of past years, simple graphic florals take over this spring. Here, we highlight a few of the standouts found while browsing our favorite online stores, such as Mr. Larkin and No.6 Store, who focus on smaller designers with a unique focus. Whether hand painted, cut out, or drawn, the key is to concentrate on
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