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Profile | Portia Munson

We've profiled visual artist, Portia Munsion, previously on the site but her work is worth another look. Known for her collated color coordinated collections of objects, we turn to her floral collages for inspiration. With their kaleidoscopic effect, these floral assemblages reconfigure nature into orderly patterns of exuberant color and form. It's nature re-interpreted for the modern age.

Color | Green Growth

As the summer sun scorches the earth, we're reminded of the coming shades of green that will burst forth around us with the winter rains. Look to nature for inspiration with forest greens, washed out blues, and rich earth tones creating a soothing palette.

Color | Red Hot

Typically red and green are associated with the christmas holidays, but it doesn't have to be that way. Instead, try alternative pairings like mint and paprika, or daiquiri with raspberry red, to create summer palettes full of vibrance. How will you use it? – Jessie

Interiors | New Age Design Studio

Whose life wouldn't be a little sweeter with some gemstone terrazzo in it? New Age Design studio does it best with their Gemstone Terrazzo Cube Table. The brainchild of Sasha Burchuk, New Age's mission "is to make the world a more exotic place by creating fun and daring functional objects and spaces designed around every day human needs". Looks
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