Curator’s Picks


Interiors | Color Play

Serbian based artist Emilija Radojicic has created a gorgeous collection of work, highlighting color and texture. Previously, the artist worked mostly in painting and sketching, Radojicic describes the evolution of her work "from two-dimensional into three-dimensional form of objects and tapestries". She says of her conceptual work, "I’m intrigued by the possibility of a line becoming physically tangible. By

Color | Fresh Picked

These fresh picked colors continue to be some of our favorite. Soft greens, rosie pinks, and electric blues with a pop of paprika will make any print feel vibrant. How will you use them?

Profile | Lillian Farag

Have you ever dreamed of leaving your corporate job and following your heart? That's exactly what Lillian Farag did after spending several years developing prints for Macy's. A graduate of Savannah College of Art & Design, Farag returned to her artistic roots, taking a more hands-on approach to her creativity. She hasn't looked back since starting her own business producing

Interiors | Pastel Dreams

Though it isn't even quite Thanksgiving, it's never too soon to start to put together your Christmas list! Here are a few lust-worthy pastel beauties that might make the long winter ahead that much sweeter. Choosing from Jos Devriendt's whimsical mushroom lamps may keep you busy, but whichever you choose will be perfect. Or how about adding a cozy
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