The Romance of Pattern & Colour

I have a huge appreciation for designers who evoke feelings of romance in their work, notably Chanel and Valentino, and interior brands, such as Sanderson, who have channelled much of their work through a feeling and emotion so many of us can connect with.   

Florals, frills, satins, lace, and a little nostalgia can all evoke the feeling of romance.  Soft muted colours of all kinds, and sometimes a slightly faded texture, create the perfect love story between colour and pattern.

Especially in the summer months, as we move ever so slowly to warmer climes in the UK, we as designers and consumers instinctively make the move towards pieces which play with flirtation and intrigue.  Our summer personalities come alive and we love to incorporate a lighter, more romantic feel to our wardrobe and colour palettes at home.

It’s interesting to explore themes of emotion in the creative process and feelings of all kinds which form the basis of so much output.  It’s also fascinating to observe how brands use emotion to engage with consumers and how the psychology behind colour and pattern plays such a huge part in what and how we buy.

What feeling are you wanting to evoke in your designs? and how do you want that to resonate with your clients?

– Anna


Having grown amongst a family of artists and interior designers, Anna followed suit and set up her design journal in 2016 exploring colour & pattern.  She recently launched her own collection of homeware and wallpaper designs inspired by a love of 80’s Laura Ashley and her passion for painting abstract brush strokes.  Anna designs and writes between London and her studio in Herefordshire.