Interiors | Maestro World

Taking on the project "Bloom Maestro" in order to collaborate on a common theme, artists Benoit Challand and Simon Duhamel have fun creating a surreal and gorgeous reality where

Interiors | Kunzhut Cafe

Something as simple as a geometric wood screen can make all the difference in a space. Kunzhut cafe in Belarus is a great example of the power that strong

Interiors | Buona Bocca

This intriguingly designed wine bar utilizes bricks and geometry as it's central elements. Creating playful and imaginative patterns with these natural elements, the space manages to be both bold

Arts & Culture | Farid Rasulov

Farid Rasulov, a doctor by training and artist by choice, works with a wide range of artistic media. His serie “Carpet Interiors” is a striking installation in which European-style

Interiors | Glass Garden

Not blessed with a green thumb? Artist Lesley Green has got you covered. Founder of Bespoke Glass, Green has a way with glass sculpture. The silhouettes in her recent collection

Interiors | Catalan Floors

Artist Javier de Riba uses floors as his canvas. Creating patterns with stencils and spray paint, the artist forms intricate pieces reminiscent of the traditional Catalan tile floors he experienced

Interiors | India Mahdavi

Sink into the plush, dreamy design work of India Mahdavi. Mixing a soothing palette and smooth curves the artist has a finger on the pulse of the future of interior design. When

Profile | Laura Slater

Royal College of Art graduate, Laura Slater, creates bespoke patterns and textiles which take the form of lampshades, pillows, planters, and kitchenware. Since setting up her studio in 2007, this

Interiors | Woven Canvas

Exploring the woven art of Victoria Manganiello is a sure way to start the morning creatively. The artist and educator creates her paintings by spinning, dying and weaving her own canvases.
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