Interiors | Paper And Acrylic

Artist Amy Genser has an amazing new collection that consists of rolled paper and acrylic paint. With titles like "If Paper Could Sing" and "Moss Tentacles", Genser has dreamed

Camouflaged Commute

Merging fashion with interiors, Manja Stevenson has managed to convince the German Transportation authority to ship her some of their seating fabric and made outfits and bags out of these

Interiors | Heart Art

Ventricle, a new installation commissioned by the Southbank Centre and built by SOFTlab, is a kaleidoscopic creation of aluminum and solar mirror film. The piece, built as part of

Interiors | Rainbow Lights

Liz West has a bright and inspiring new installation at the Natural History Museum! The project entitled, Our Spectral Vision, was built for the the exhibition, Colour and Vision: Through the

Interiors | Cleaning Beauty

Sometimes we forget to notice the beauty in the everyday objects around us. Softness, a project by Pablo Alfieri, showcases the potential magic in possibly one of the most mundane household

Interiors | Sweet Dreams

Rus Khasanov's project Sweet Dreams, is enough to get anyone's pattern imagination stirring. Scenes of swirling, marbled perfection are combined with dulcet tunes that will leave you calm and

Interiors | Astral Garden

The new collection from Angela Adams is taking inspiration from the cosmos. Entitled Astral Garden, the pieces range from rugs to pillows and quite a lot in between -

Interiors | Parisian Floors

One photographer's love of architecture and design has led to an inspiring Instagram project. Sebastian Erras captures intricate and colorful floors across Paris that are definitely worth a look. –

Interiors | Mimi Jung

Loving the delicate and intricate work of textile artist Mimi Jung. The artist explores the unlimited possibilities of weaving through everything from tapestries to her latest exhibit – an amazing teahouse
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