Art by Elizabeth Gourlay

Loving the balance of organic and graphic that these paintings strike. The color balance of neutrals with color pops are also satisfying.

Profile | Abigail Pymer

With June right around the corner, many students are preparing for their final degree shows. One that we look forward to each year is the New Designers Exhibit in London which features

Interiors | Peter Kogler

Feeling inspired by the explorations of artist Peter Kogler. A master of transforming spaces into optically hypnotizing playgrounds, Kogler plays with line repetition in this series. The result is

Art | Doodley Sofas by Rob Pruitt

Rob Pruitt is a conceptual artist living in New York. His work is intensely auto biographical and doesn't conform to just one style. We were especially intrigued with these

Profile | Sofia Noceti

Hailing from Buenos Aires, designer Sofia Noceti is a talent to be reckoned with. From fan zines to fashion campaigns, Noceti keeps her creativity sharp by mixing mediums to

Edible Art | Garden Cakes

Pastry chef, Iven Kawi rises at 5am each morning to start baking cakes in her mother's old oven. The artist creates elaborate pieces, favorites among which are her terrarium

Profile | Merijn Hos

Merijn Hos, an Utrecht native, works as a visual artist and illustrator. His surreal drawings and patterns, curious and moody at times, are created for clients such as Coca-Cola,

Edible Art | Taable

Artists, Alex Oswith and Amanda Kusai, combine forces to create a color pop of edible patterning. Under the moniker Taable, they're "dedicated transforming the ordinary into something much

Profile | Wand Studio

Lucie Laustriat and Fleur Pinsard, the duo behind Wand Studio, weave between mediums in a literal sense. Working in  graphic design and as weavers, the two experiment with different materials,

Interiors | Shapes

Enamored with these brightly colored shapes by Kvadrat. Combining photography by Matthew Donaldson and art direction by Graphic Thought Facility, the resulting campaign is an inspiration! – Julie Rose
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