Exteriors | Color Block

Loving this photography project from Jeanette Hägglund! The artist captures the work of architect Ricardo Bofill in stunningly bold colors. – Julie Rose

Profile | Mariery Young

Even though we're looking forward to autumn after the incessant heat of summer, we still can't get enough of tropicals in any form. These colorful and whimsical creations are

Profile | Marsi van de Heuvel

First off, let's start by saying these illustrations are made using fineliner pen. Yes, that's right. Every little line is painstakingly drawn to create an intricate embroidered style look. South African

Exteriors | Cabin Cover

Loving the marbled cabin cover paneling from Snedker Studio! The hand-designed wood panels are a great example of the process of marbling at it's finest.

Profile | MOTE

Korean label, Memories of the Earth, blends sensory experiences derived from nature and presented as soaps and candles. With a keen eye on packaging, the products capture ethereal elements like winter mist, sunset

Exteriors | Ouizi

Decorating one Detroit wall at a time, artist Louise Chen is covering the city with florals. Painting under the name Ouizi, Louise's pieces are full of vibrant colors and bold

Profile | Caroline Walls

Swooping lines and solid fields of color in neutral shades make up the recent collection of work from Melbourne based artist, Caroline Walls. Her work focuses primarily on the female

Exteriors | Banned Books

Marta Minujín installed a towering new architectural installation in Germany called The Parthenon of Books. Constructed as a scaffold replica of the famous Greek temple, the art piece is

Interiors | Gucci Home

Gucci is launching a home line! Under the creative leadership of Alessandro Michele – the launch of Gucci Décor promises to be an eclectic collection, perfect for dressing up any

Profile | Victoria Garcia

If you are an avid Pinterest user, then you may already be visually familiar with the detailed drawings of illustrator, Victoria Garcia. We have been charmed by her beguiling
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