Interview with Kate Towers

Kate Towers | Limited Edition Spring 19

We took a moment to sit down and chat with artist and fashion designer, Kate Towers, to discuss her love of “grandma floral” prints and how she finds beauty in what may be seen as “ugly” to others. A busy mother of two, Kate runs her eponymous independent label designing, cutting, and sewing the majority of the collections herself. Kate’s talent extends beyond fashion. Viewing herself as more of an artist who makes clothes, Kate’s creations span across non-fabric mediums as well with a recent solo exhibit at Nationale.

How does color and print play a role in your design process?

I find both play a fairly large roll in the process because either the fabric guides the design or the design guides the fabric choice.The same dress in a simple gray can take on a new life in a loud colorful print. I think every designer dreams of creating their own prints and color ways. 

What are some of your favorite colors of the moment?

I’m a fan of color combinations that are a little bit gross and unusual. My current faves are deep ochre and lemon yellow, rich mossy green and chartreuse, both look great with a pop of pink. I also love what I like to call “modern baby blue.” For staples, I like a deep midnight blue, most shades of gray, and white. It really depends on what the color is being applied to.  

Kate Towers | Limited Edition Spring 19

Is there a favorite pattern style you are drawn to? 

I am very drawn to what I call “grandma flowers” or floral patterns you might see on an old couch covered in plastic, or vintage sheets from the 70’s. I find these to be very beautiful in their own ugly way. I also love prints with a hand illustrated feel. Anything painterly. 

Kate Towers | Limited Edition Spring 19

If you could design something other than clothes what would it be?

A small hotel, like 9 rooms. Also, attractive kids toys that don’t age out, are made of beautiful materials and colors, and that make you want to have them strewn about your house forever. 

What are your 3 favorite inspiration sources of the moment?

I am always stumped by this question but then I find myself getting inspired throughout the day from various random moments. Getting away from the city and moving through outdoor spaces usually helps. 

Thanks so much, Kate! Want one of these limited edition dresses? Contact Kate here.