Profile | Lea Maupetit

If you're looking for a little delight enter the world of Parisian illustrator, Lea Maupetit. Her colorful paintings feature textural charm captured through layered composition. Working primarily in gouache and acrylic

Profile | Ayumi Takahashi

Illustrator, Ayumi Takahashi, now calls New York home but her route to get there was quite circuitous. Born in China but raised in Japan, Takahashi studied at the Art

Profile | Liz Payne

Combining beads, paint, sequins, and thread, Australian artist, Liz Payne, meticulously embroiders artwork and textile accessories that explode with color. Payne likes to play with movement in her work using texture and

Profile | Karan Singh

Tokyo based designer, Karan Singh, is a self-taught artist who explores op-art minimalism through the use of pattern and repetition. Originally from Australia, Singh's professional career has taken him

Profile | Nick Liefhebber

We're mesmerized by the vibrant, pattern filled illustrations of Dutch designer, Nick Liefhebber. Nick is inspired by patterns and rhythms and "uses the associative powers of shape and material

Profile | Natalia Smirnova

Bangkok based designer, Natalia Smirnova, creates other worldly patterns using fine-tuned digital techniques. The intricate detail gives her predominantly botanical prints a hyper-real quality that fits well into the up-coming

Profile | Julie Yülle

The colorful patterns of Parisian based designer, Julie Yülle, are carefully composed out of cut paper. Keeping the creases and shadows in her work, Yülle plays with depth creating three-dimensional effects

Profile | Garance Vallée

Space and time appears to stand still in the multi-tiered architectural drawings by Parisian illustrator, Garance Vallée. Citing Bauhaus and the Memphis Group as references, Vallée composes illustrations that feel set-like in

Profile | Campbell Charlotte

It's hard to imagine lounging around in lightweight linen garments at the moment. Instead, we're wearing layers of wool to fight off the wind chill factor. Yet, Melbourne based
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