Profile | Julien Colombier

Paint, chalk, and paper are transformed by the hands of French artist, Julien Colombier, into foliage rich jungles. Appearing on walls, canvas, and in 3-dimensional forms, the artwork takes

Profile | Jonathan Niclaus

You might recognize the work of Jonathan Niclaus if you follow the artist inspired blanket company, Slowdown Studio. This Berlin based designer often looks to the past for inspiration, citing

Profile | Georgina Taylor

The botanical illustrations of South African artist, Georgina Taylor, are captivating through their intricate detail and enhancement of life. Surreal touches, like legs sprouting from fish, give the viewer

Profile | Jonathan Josefsson

Swedish artist, Jonathan Josefsson, creates sculptural abstract rugs using ancient tufting techniques. Redefining this traditional craft, Josefsson brings a fresh perspective taking inspiration from cellular forms and street graffiti. Hop

Profile | Anna Beam

Artist, Anna Beam, seamlessly flows between mediums–from collage to print to ceramics–while maintaining her distinct style. The ease with which this London based designer transforms two-dimensional designs into three-dimensional objects is fun

Profile | Isabelle Feliu

Much like a modern Matisse, the illustrations of Isabelle Feliu play with color and scale of the female form. Now based in Oslo, Norway via Québec city, Canada, Feliu's love of fashion, nature, and

Profile | Mariery Young

Even though we're looking forward to autumn after the incessant heat of summer, we still can't get enough of tropicals in any form. These colorful and whimsical creations are

Profile | Marsi van de Heuvel

First off, let's start by saying these illustrations are made using fineliner pen. Yes, that's right. Every little line is painstakingly drawn to create an intricate embroidered style look. South African

Profile | MOTE

Korean label, Memories of the Earth, blends sensory experiences derived from nature and presented as soaps and candles. With a keen eye on packaging, the products capture ethereal elements like winter mist, sunset
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