Arts & Culture | Amy Stevens

Well, today is my birthday and I thought could be nice to celebrate featuring a project that really fits with the birthday topic.
These stunning pictures are realised by Amy Stevens, a photographer currently living in Pennsylvania. When she turned 30, she had the idea of baking 30 birthday cakes for herself. After have ordered a cake decorating kit online and watched tutorials included in the package, she quickly discovered that her cakes were not really the same of the ones in the video. But she felt so free to make them as grotesque as possible, playing more and more with patterns and colors, that she couldn’t stop staging cakes and portraying them.
Her pictures became the result of striving for an absurd perfection, which led her to the opposite, finding new visions and beauty indeed in something really far from perfection.
The cakes stand out in the mix & match of patterned backgrounds, looking like really catchy and pretty subjects of a serie made of funny and super coloured still-lifes.

Rica Cerbarano