Video Tutorial | Photoshop Pattern Creation

Need some inspiration and technical help? Download this photoshop video tutorial that takes you through every step of creating a photo-based print. We start with trend inspiration and show you how to cut and isolate a leaf out of a photo.

Next, you’ll watch our creative process unfold, with tips on layout and more. Finally, you’ll learn a clean and easy way to built a seamless swatch in Photoshop and get tips on formatting your files for clients.

All this information is delivered as a high resolution .mp4 file with easy to understand step-by-step voice dictation while you watch the process unfold. Each stage of design is sectioned off, making it easy for you to find the information that you need.


  • Description

Contents include:

• Using Inspiration: A magazine-style layout of all our favorite tropical prints from runway and beyond inspires this lush print.

• File Size: Ever wonder about standard file sizes in the industry? There rules are loose but we provide a rough guide

• Working With a Photo: You found a flower or leaf from a photo but there’s so much clutter around it! What’s the best way to cut out the clutter and work with a clean shape?

• Layout and Repeat: Get creative with and have fun with your layout, then get technical and make your repeats perfect.

• File Organization and Format: Before you know it, you’ll have thousands of prints. Get organized and create a tidy system of numbering and formatting.

• What to incude in your layered file: You or your client may want to edit your file later on. Keep all your layers and make editing a breeze! Remove the clutter and keep your files easy to work with.

Get the video bundle for $42.
(Includes 4 videos and an e-book on the technical aspects of pattern creation.)

Preview below:

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