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Channel Hawaii, Fiji, Ecuador or Brazil with our newest photo themed resource pack—Tropical. Lush banana leaves, hot house florals, and split leaf monsteras will get you in a jungle vibe. Created with the textile designer in mind, the Tropical Photo Pack features 80 high resolution images each clipped with its background removed so you can focus all your energy on what you do best—designing amazing prints!

These images are copyright free and yours to use as you wish once purchased. Create textile designs, artwork, and more, or simply use the photos as inspiration for your many projects.


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Pattern People | High Resolution Tropical Photo Pack

Pattern People | High Resolution Tropical Photo Pack

This set includes the following:

Monstera Leaves
Banana Leaves
Long Leaves
Palm Leaves
Heart Shaped Leaves
Hot house florals such as Bird of Paradise, Passiflora, and Bromeliad

All images are clipped out of their backgrounds allowing you to focus on your creativity. Below is a quick video of us designing a print with the images from this resource pack.



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