This tutorial, Precise Repeats in Photoshop is a deeper exploration of the technical aspects of creating repeats. Creativity and precision combine to  deliver a beautifully flowing, seamless repeat in Photoshop.

Pick up tips on how to layout your design to tile, build your file layers for factory delivery, and more! You’ll learn tricks of the trade that you can’t find anywhere else in this easy-to-follow video which uses clear dictation and organized sections for reference.


  • Description

• Layout: Learn how to layout your initial artwork to begin the print design process.

• Duplicating Swatches Precisely: Tips on how to repeat your swatch using guides and more.

• Trial and Error on Repeats: Examples of how to trouble shoot your design layout to achieve a flowing repeat.

• Creating a Factory Ready Swatch: A step by step demonstration of how to design a seamless tile swatch.

• What To Include In Your Final File: An overview of how to set up your file for factory delivery.

Get the full length video for $12.95


Or get the video bundle for $42. (Includes 4 videos and an e-book on the technical aspects of pattern creation.)

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