Arts & Culture | Jérémy Combot

Jérémy Combot is a young French born artist and fashion illustrator. Inspired by icons and symbols of 90’s and Pop Culture, his drawings are an explosion of colours, patterns

Exteriors | Invasions

Photographer Charles Petillon explores the idea of capturing balloons in everyday situations, to highlight how often our eyes pass over our surroundings without really looking at what we're seeing. The artist

Profile | Laura Callaghan

Irish illustrator, Laura Callaghan, makes our day so much brighter with her pattern infused drawings which give a visual voice to the difficulties of being a woman in the modern world. Created

Tectonic Geometry by Louise McRae

Like shifting tectonic plates, the two splintered wood pieces above make for an excellent geo inspiration for us print designers. Below, her more explosive compositions are dynamic and exciting.

Interiors | Rainbow Lights

Liz West has a bright and inspiring new installation at the Natural History Museum! The project entitled, Our Spectral Vision, was built for the the exhibition, Colour and Vision: Through the

Interiors | Sweet Dreams

Rus Khasanov's project Sweet Dreams, is enough to get anyone's pattern imagination stirring. Scenes of swirling, marbled perfection are combined with dulcet tunes that will leave you calm and

Art | Tropical Watercolors

via here. Captivated by these tropical watercolors of Maja Wronska. Her painting techniques would be perfect for a hot summer print and you can find some products with her beautiful

Interiors | Ben Skinner

There are so many delightful cubes to choose from in the project 2 inch solid cubes by Ben Skinner. Made from a random assortment of materials, the project features cubed shapes sitting on

Art | Gemstone Wood

Artist Victoria Wagner paints wood to resemble gemstones, creating a dissonant and beautiful effect.
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