Arts & Culture | Charles Fréger

The photographer Charles Fréger, know for his research on the significant social role of outfits in communities, captured in pictures the annual elephant festival in Jaipur, Rajasthan, where elephants

Ceramics by Fanella Elms

Loving the flow and intricacy in Fanella Elms's work. For a thorough look at her creative process, check this out in her own words. From a pattern perspective, I am

Salterns photographed by David Burdeny

Hard to believe these are unaltered photographs but there you have it. According to Colossal, where I found this story, "David Burdeny began the series SALT: Fields, Plottings and Extracts in 2015,

Botanical Sculptures by Hitomi Hosono

Drawing botanicals is meditative and oh so satisfying. But sculpting them the way Hitomi Hosono does, is downright obsessive. These are very beautiful and impressive. via here.

Tectonic Geometry by Louise McRae

Like shifting tectonic plates, the two splintered wood pieces above make for an excellent geo inspiration for us print designers. Below, her more explosive compositions are dynamic and exciting.

Art | Painted Plaid

Optical lines with shifting colors and hand painted techniques--quite a nice inspiration for a plaid collection.

Matthew Stone paintings

Discovered the work of Matthew Stone from this video on Nowness, which explores the artists passions and creative motivations. He spoke a lot about his desire to change the
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