Art by Elizabeth Gourlay

Loving the balance of organic and graphic that these paintings strike. The color balance of neutrals with color pops are also satisfying.

Art | Doodley Sofas by Rob Pruitt

Rob Pruitt is a conceptual artist living in New York. His work is intensely auto biographical and doesn't conform to just one style. We were especially intrigued with these

Red Earth Rugs by Rena Detrixhe

These ephemeral "rugs" are made from the red earth of Oklahoma where Rene Detrixhe resides. Her artist statement on this project is compelling: This work embodies the complicated history of our

Food Carving Extraordinaire Gaku

In Japan, there is a rich history of food carving. But, Gaku takes it to the next level, etching intricate and exacting patterns into carrots, broccoli, apples and just about

Fall 17 | Asian Florals

Gucci, Edrem, Christopher KaneAsian influences abound on the Fall 17 runways, ranging from opulent to minimal. Ornate damasks make a big splash.
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