Spring 11 | Magical Fruit

Prada, Stella McCartney, Wunderkind, Spring 11, Paris fashion week, Fruit prints, digital prints, bananas, cherries, tropical

Stella McCartney, Wunderkind (x2,) Prada

Bursting boldly onto the fashion scene this month, Fruit makes a splash in Paris!  What accounts for this abundance of bold colorful citrus, bananas and cherries on the runways?  Perhaps this is a sign of brighter, more abundant times to come?  Are designers feelings optimistic and happy once again?  Are they in need of tropical vacations? Vitamin C?  Whatever the reason, it’s nice to see some fun prints that invite the viewer to at least contemplate taking a bit out of a high end garment.  Come Spring 11, store security needs to keep a careful eye on potential fashion biters.

–Claudia Brown