Edible Art | Modular Chocolates

With their clients in mind Australian agency Universal Favorite created an end-of-year gift using 3D-printed chocolates. Inspired by the relationship between designer and client, the concept of modular chocolate

Edible Art | Rose Cake

Author and blogger Molly Yeh's floral creation is an inspiration in edible pattern making. So gorgeous that it seems wrong to eat, but as it’s probably as good tasting

Edible Art | Garden Cakes

Pastry chef, Iven Kawi rises at 5am each morning to start baking cakes in her mother's old oven. The artist creates elaborate pieces, favorites among which are her terrarium

Food Carving Extraordinaire Gaku

In Japan, there is a rich history of food carving. But, Gaku takes it to the next level, etching intricate and exacting patterns into carrots, broccoli, apples and just about

Edible Art | Tortik Annushka

Tortik Annushka is taking cake art to another level! With so many patterned edibles to choose from, there's a wealth of inspiration to be had. – Julie Rose

Edible Art | Cakeland Maze

Just when you've decided cake is only for eating...an artist comes along to help you change your mind. Cake is Scott Hove's medium, and boy does he use it well. Case and point,

Edible Art | Animal Print

There's nothing like a little animal print to really add a bit of flare - and apparently that applies to baked goods as well! Patricia Nascimento, of the blog Coco E Baunilha, has

Edible Art | Holiday Eats

Whether it's cherry, apple, pumpkin, or yam, it's hard to resist such gorgeously designed pies. Hope your holiday was pie filled! – Julie Rose  

Edible Art | Otami

  More gorgeous edible goodness from Alana Jones-Mann! For this piece the cake artist turned her focus to the intricate and colorful world of Otami embroidery and the result is amazing -
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