Exterior | Pejac

Re-imagining communal spaces, Barcelona-based artist Pejac, is gaining gaining quite a fan base. His thoughtful and detailed work invites the observer to ask questions, and uses otherwise ordinary spaces

Exteriors | Ruben Wu

Loving the work of photographer Ruben Wu. In this project the artist photographs the Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Facility. Located mid-way between Las Vegas and Reno the sight is

Exteriors | Jupiter

Orbiting Jupiter since 2016, the mission of spacecraft Juno has been to study the massive planet. So far the research craft has managed to capture some breathtaking photos, and

Exteriors | Ouizi

Decorating one Detroit wall at a time, artist Louise Chen is covering the city with florals. Painting under the name Ouizi, Louise's pieces are full of vibrant colors and bold

Exteriors | Banned Books

Marta Minujín installed a towering new architectural installation in Germany called The Parthenon of Books. Constructed as a scaffold replica of the famous Greek temple, the art piece is

Exteriors | Reflection

Photographer Murray Fredericks takes us on a journey to the middle of a salt lake to help us to see the beauty of our surroundings. "Standing in the silken

Exteriors | Xomatok

Transforming urban landscapes, street artist Xomatok is bringing bright color gradients to the farthest corners of Lima, Peru. Standing out in contrast to the earth toned cityscape, the work is

Exteriors | Invasions

Photographer Charles Petillon explores the idea of capturing balloons in everyday situations, to highlight how often our eyes pass over our surroundings without really looking at what we're seeing. The artist

Exteriors | Daily Overview

An idea birthed from the desire to affect a worldwide cognitive shift, the Daily Overview is an impressive project centered on photos of the world shot from above. The project
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