• E-book | Repeat After Me


    Automated techniques for creating repeats abound. But there comes a time when you need to be able to create your own repeat manually, especially in the case of more complicated files. In this collection of tutorials, we take you through the most efficient techniques to create seamless,flowing and sellable repeats, step by step.

    Once you are proficient in these techniques, you’ll be able to create any repeat you want, both in Photoshop and Illustrator.

  • E-Book | Pattern Design & Beyond



    An Insider’s Guide to Creating and Managing Your Own Surface Design Career – revised edition
    Claudia Brown & Jessie Whipple Vickery of Pattern People

    How do you turn your love for patterns into a functional business? Claudia Brown and Jessie Whipple Vickery of surface design studio, Pattern People, share their insider secrets in the revised e-book, Pattern Design & Beyond: An Insider’s Guide to Creating and Managing Your Own Surface Design Career. With how-to pattern design guides, a thorough break-down of how the print industry operates, and loads of helpful resources, this publication provides a wealth of information for the burgeoning surface designer. The book also showcases over 80 international artists whose work illustrates the many print styles found in the market. Pattern Design & Beyond is an inspirational guide for students, professionals or anyone else with an appreciation for pattern design.

    Download all 50 pages in pdf format for only $24.95 (e-book format)

  • Print Tutorial | Floral Geometric Prints


    Always in demand, floral prints have universal appeal appearing on a range of products across a variety of markets. As designers, we’re given the task of keeping this category looking fresh by using new techniques and design tricks. In our Floral Geometric Print Tutorial, we’ll show you how to create the ever popular floral geometric print. Our easy to follow step-by-step guide will show you how to first create a dynamic photographic floral pattern, then a bold geometric print, followed by tips on how to blend the two designs together for the most impact.

    Whether for commercial or personal use, these methods can be applied to create your own visually dynamic collection of floral geometric prints.

  • Video Tutorial | Photoshop Pattern Creation


    Need some inspiration and technical help? Download this photoshop video tutorial that takes you through every step of creating a photo-based print. We start with trend inspiration and show you how to cut and isolate a leaf out of a photo.

    Next, you’ll watch our creative process unfold, with tips on layout and more. Finally, you’ll learn a clean and easy way to built a seamless swatch in Photoshop and get tips on formatting your files for clients.

    All this information is delivered as a high resolution .mp4 file with easy to understand step-by-step voice dictation while you watch the process unfold. Each stage of design is sectioned off, making it easy for you to find the information that you need.



    Whether its a simple element or a complex drawing, this tutorial will give you the tools to turn your design into a full repeat pattern using Illustrator.



    This tutorial, Precise Repeats in Photoshop is a deeper exploration of the technical aspects of creating repeats. Creativity and precision combine to  deliver a beautifully flowing, seamless repeat in Photoshop.

    Pick up tips on how to layout your design to tile, build your file layers for factory delivery, and more! You’ll learn tricks of the trade that you can’t find anywhere else in this easy-to-follow video which uses clear dictation and organized sections for reference.

  • Video Tutorials | Bundle Package


    Need some technical assistance with your prints? Our video tutorials offer tips, techniques, and other industry information you won’t find anywhere else. This bundled collection includes all four of our video tutorials plus our indispensable print design ebook, Repeat After Me, at an amazing savings (original price $76.75)!

    Videos are formatted as high resolution .mp4 files with easy to understand voice-overs which describe the steps as they unfold. Each stage of design is broken down into sections so you can easily find the information you need. Whether you are a student ready to learn the process of pattern design, or a graphic designer eager to unlock a new skill set, our video tutorial series gives you the building blocks to get started.

    Get 4 full length videos + ebook Repeat After Me for only $42

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